The Real-Life Application of “Reapers”

Admittedly, I have trouble going back and revising my writing. Growing up, I always kind of had a chip on my shoulder when it came to this. I was always allowed to submit essays without any real necessary needs for extensive revisions. Even recently, I submitted an essay early in my History of Theatre class, and managed an A the first time around, meaning I saved myself a lot of trouble in the upcoming weeks. However, when it came to my “Essay 1” submission for intertextuality, I cringed as I found myself deleting all but 400 words of my formerly 1600-word essay for revisions.

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Literature and Legal Cases

During the summer of 2015, I had taken on my first legal internship! While other students were decompressing from the Fall and Spring semesters, I decided it was a good idea to NOT give myself a single solitary break.

For my internship, I worked under the former supreme court justice of New York state, Judge Joseph Gerace. He specialized in tax and real estate cases, ┬áneedless to say a challenging and sometimes dry area of law. Continue reading “Literature and Legal Cases”