Reader and Text is the website of SUNY Geneseo’s introductory course for English majors. It’s part of the English @ SUNY Geneseo network of sites, which provides a platform for Geneseo students and faculty in English and related disciplines to work in public and share ideas across the boundaries of individual classes.

Each section of the course Reader and Text has its own subtitle, and the syllabus varies from section to section, but all sections are designed to help students

  • develop a working vocabulary for analyzing texts and relating texts to contexts;
  • understand the theoretical questions that inform all critical conversations about textual meaning and value; and
  • participate competently, as writers, in the ongoing conversation about texts and theory that constitutes English as a field of study.

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Header image photo credit: The Research Room at the New York Public Library in 2006, by Diliff [GFDL or CC BY 2.5 ], from Wikimedia Commons