I came across this document, and was reminded of the first day of class and the “Buffalo buffalo buffalo” debate. The fact that someone spent hours on this leads me to question the deeper meaning, if one can be found. I would like to hear other peoples’ thoughts on this. ┬áIs this a commentary on uselessness and repetition? Or a love poem to chicken?chicken1 chicken2 chicken3 chicken4 chicken5 chicken6

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  1. This is really interesting. At times, it seems like someone created this just for fun. After all, it seems like they have converted many versions of the word chicken into binary code and I have absolutely no idea as to how this could be beneficial in any way (unless you were programming a computer or something). However, there are many different definitions of the word chicken so I would not be surprised in the least if it did turn out to have a deeper meaning of some sort. If this turned out to be true, I’d really like to have the equations and graph explained. They baffle me. Especially since once you stare at the word chicken for too long, it seems like it’s not a real word anymore and you’re just reading gibberish.

  2. This really does revert right back to the first day of class with the whole “Buffalo buffalo buffalo” conversation. I never would have really thought about that kind of sentence structure being valid but evidently there are other words like “chicken” that apparently have the same kind of capability. I feel as though the person who did come up with this was really out to prove something because at times, reading the word over and over just became almost… confusing.

    1. I have to agree with your point that this person was out to prove something. It’s definitely interesting to see how one word can be this versatile (I definitely found it comedic when we discussed the “Buffalo” sentence) but in my opinion, this strips the text of its readability. This renders this text virtually obsolete if it is criticized without taking the author’s intent into account.

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