Before becoming a Suny Geneseo transfer, I attended a community college in Auburn, New York, where I had discovered my interest in becoming an English minor. My first thoughts were.. YUCK! The reading is unlimited, the language is too difficult, and jobs.. do they exist?

Excuse me while I enjoy not writing in stiff essay form while blogging. To my understanding, blogging is a much easier way to get a more sufficient idea on a  person and how they converse. Verses stiff essay form, they all look the same to me. So pardon me as I let loose for a little bit, within reason. Back to where I left off..

I had a wonderful teacher who had opened my eyes to the unseeable to many, which was how far you can go with an English Major/minor. The typical major where you are opt to make “more money”  would probably be engineering, or business. But none of those had interest me.. the money or the work. For the last 10 years, I’ve had a keen interest in children. Working with them, playing, teaching, even learning from them. With that being said, I was led to an Education program (which I’m sure you all had guessed). But it was time for me to  pick my minor.

Math? God no

Science? Yikes!

History? ZzZZzzZZZz

English? Hmmm…

After brainstorming a bit, I picked up a few english classes and there it began. This teacher had shown me amazing works of literature. Just beautiful. The words, meanings, stories behind them. It all amazed me. But also scared me. I have an extremely difficult time understanding things the first time around. So although it may take 2-3 reads to clearly understand it’s meaning(it took me almost 6-8 times to understand the first few pages of Interdisciplinarity), it’s understood. I read poems, I read novels, I read chapter books (being an education major). I read everything! And where to begin to describe it all?! I read about pencils, paper, leaves, history, celebrities, black people, white people, tall, short, romance, mathematics.. I mean EVERYTHING! Which is where the whole interdisciplinary concept comes on.

I know almost everyone in this class can bring up at least one time they’ve heard the English major/minor being abused. Can someone tell me why? Why a majority of our people feel the need to talk down to it? WHY? My mind gets lost towards that infuriating question because english is almost everything! It’s more interdisciplinary than any subject I can think of off the top of my head. Which says a lot because there’s always thoughts brewing up there. I think the main issue is that people connect an English major with being relatively easy, because most of us can say we know the language. But there’s a lot more to it that I think people don’t take interest in.

Without rambling on, I’d like to know what all the fuss is about with English majors. Why is it? Is it that people simply don’t understand the language, or is the other way around? Meaning they think they know too much, where the major would be a waste of their time?Why is that I want to know. Why? Why why why?

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