Although this blog post might not make much sense.. to you, or even to me.. I want to get the idea out there. I’ve read, and also heard in class, that it has taken an increasingly amount of time to fully understand his actual meanings. His language is anywhere, his meanings, his definitions, it’s everywhere! … fully understand Joe Morans actual meanings in his book “Interdisciplinarity”. Morans language, his meanings, his definitions, it’s everywhere! Which is weirdly connected with the actual word interdisciplinary itself in a way.. see where I’m going?

…. I really didn’t need one of those read more tags above. I was just super interested in trying after being discussed ¬†in class. Yes, I’m a child. And yes, I’m easily amused. Ok focus Elizabeth focus..

With subjects such as Math, it revolves around itself. Math is math. Where as English revolves around many different things, including art, technology, history, etc. Which would conclude that it is surely an interdisciplinary subject. With my experiences, it’s harder to understand things with more information, because there are endless amounts of it. Where as math, there is one rule, and you follow by that rule specifically.

Now in a non-formal way, think about this. Joe Moran makes it extremely hard for us to obtain all this information, and clearly understand it, without reading it a couple times. Which goes for me, and a decent amount of the other students. Which is so similar to an interdisciplinary subject. ¬†Theres more than one thing involved, or talked about. So in a way, I think he wrote his book “Interdisciplinarity” as an interdisciplinary book. Tongue twister. Throughout just the first 15 pages, he hops from definitions, to examples, to blah blah we are so lost and are thinking what in the world are you saying?! How interdisciplinary is that? …Hmmmmm

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