English Keeps Getting a Bad Name

As I was flipping back to find a particular page from Interdisciplinarity, one quote from a different page caught my eye, and honestly, made me mad.  As stated by Graham Hough, “I do not believe that anyone should have their higher education in literature alone.  What is disgustingly called “English” in universities should never have grown into a separate and isolated ‘subject’ as it has.  It needs to be closely integrated with the study of other languages, with history and the history of ideas.” (Moran, 42).

Why did this make me so mad?  Because it was a complete slam to my major!  Hough referred to the major as “disgusting” and it irked me.  Why did English get such a bad rap?  What if going pre-med had this bad of a reputation?  Could we go without doctors in our lives?  No! So why is it okay to give a negative connotation to English?  The world may never know, but I would love to find out why.

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