Why English?

On a daily basis I get asked the question, “Why did you chose English out of all the possible majors?”, to which I simply have run out of responses for.  I would ultimately give the usual “because it’s my favorite subject” or some other less-than-stellar response.  But, as I was reading Chapter 2 of Interdisciplinarity by Moran, I came across an interesting take on English.  According to Hoggart, “literature is uniquely concerned with the total human response, with “the quality of life”, in the fullest sense we are able to imagine” (Moran, Page 50-51).  The part about ‘total human response’ really stuck with me.  It is true.  English is concerned about the total human response and the quality of life.  In my opinion, English digs so much deeper than any other discipline. For that reason alone, this will be my standard answer from now on as to why I chose English as a major.

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