We all agree!

Throughout reading everyones blog posts, I can honestly say that the most of us all agree on relatively the same thing. That being.. Why is everyone hating on us English majors/minors?? And for almost an entire class to agree on one particular thing is pretty unheard of so I’m really enjoying it.

I enjoy hearing the different voices that drive from the same root. I love reading the different opinions of interdisciplinarity, and what others thoughts and concerns are. But overall, like I said prior, I love knowing we all agree on the main issue here.

I think it’s time for some of us to stand up to these people who are bashing the english major. Of course, no violence is needed. But I think we should all take a different root following their questions next time. For an example, “English major? Why? I mean seriously why?”, and our response could be something along the lines.. “Do you know what interdisciplinary┬ámeans?┬áDo you know the difference between Intertextuality and interdisciplinarity?” “..no” “Well, I do.” And I think they could be the end of that conversation.. hopefully!

Use your knowledge people! Instead of getting so caught up on why people are continuously trying to abuse the english major idea, I’ve decided to use my knowledge and show them up, in a way. Get these people to realize that I am learning things, and although you may know how the grass grows and how the clouds move in a science major, I know how to write a well written essay, and I’ll be editing your books maybe one day.

But maybe not so harsh.. this is just a blog post.

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