Speaking Up

It happened again.  I was talking to one of my distant family members when they asked me what I was going to Suny Geneseo for, and when I replied that I was majoring in English, I received the same response that we all get: “Why? Do you not want a job in the future?”  In my head I muttered the usual recurring thoughts that travel through my mind when I get this response.  I nervously laughed and said “Yeah that’s why”.  But as the conversation progressed, the family member continued to tell me that if I don’t switch my major soon, I will be working at McDonald’s for the rest of my life.  This is when I decided I would finally defend my choice to major in English.  I informed them that my major does not dictate where I will end up in the future.  Someone who earns an engineering degree could easily end up working at McDonald’s.  Your life path is determined by how much effort and passion you are willing to put into your life.  I told them that I am majoring in English to enhance my writing abilities in order to be able to attend law school or take written exams to enter into the law enforcement field.  Writing is a major aspect of both career choices, and my love for English will enable me to pursue either career by giving me the necessary tools to succeed.  So, after my rant, they replied “Wow, I guess you do know what you want to do, and you won’t be jobless.  You made a smart move.”  Finally….finally someone listened to what we have been trying to tell people.  Maybe the bad reputation that English receives will end soon (but I highly doubt it).

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