I’m not alone

Lately, I’ve been thinking long and hard about my concentration in English. This class was pretty challenging in the beginning regarding the three books all at once. I was a bit worried that I wasn’t cut out for all this reading. I thought to myself many times in the past week if this was the right minor for me..

I wondered if people were actually enjoying these readings, because for the most part I wasn’t. I wondered if people were as lost as I was while trying to connect The Bacchae and Cane. And after coming to class a few more times after all that worry, I got my answers. And they were just what I hoped.

Although some did enjoy the readings, some didn’t. Some students mentioned that they were dry, and boring. And it made me feel a little better. Almost all of us had questions regarding our first essay, which made me feel much better!

While continuing to read this dry, dry book of Morans, I came across this sentence weeks ago and thought today would be the day to talk about it. Moran says “targeted at specific areas of the graduate market and service the economy with ‘human capital’ in concrete ways” (Moran 18). At first I thought, well how rude! English doesn’t target a specific area (so what), and whatever we are doing may not be servicing the economy with capital in concrete ways?? Am I reading this right? Am I interrupting this correct? If not, please explain. But I was a little annoyed and also extremely irritable knowing the struggles I had with keeping an English minor. Was I making a mistake? Will I not better the economy with my little English minor? Does it mean I hate english because I don’t like the books we are currently reading? I thought and thought and thought.

… Absolutely not! And this sudden answer became so clear as I began to read “Meridan” by Alice Walker. This is a book that I am interested in, and I look forward to read. It’s definitely for me. Just because I don’t like a handful of books I’m assigned to read, doesn’t mean i’m not cut out for this english stuff. I am cut out for this english stuff, and this is where I am staying!

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