Ice cream date, not as good as it sounds

Chatting with some friends today at Letch over some amazing cold stone ice-cream wasn’t so amazing.

There was three of us, me being an education major with an English minor. The other being a business major minoring in education. And lastly but not least (..but I placed her last because she was the most rude) has a bio major and I can’t quite remember what she had said she was minoring in. But anyway. We chatted and chatted, and then we started to talk about school. How the midterms went, how our grades were, and what it was we were doing in our individual classes.

The bio major had A LOT to say regarding her major, and unfortunately mine. She non stop talked about how hard and challenging it was now, but would always end the sentence with “but at least I’ll have a job out of here, and i’ll be making bank”. “Bank”. I mean really? This is when I silently laughed to myself. Who would say they were making bank? Not an english minor! Although I do make plenty and plenty of other mistakes, I don’t think that would be one of them.

As I discussed this english class, and talked about how we recently gave comments on each others papers, she also had a lot to say. First, she said it was unnecessary, and also embarrassing. And two, she made it very clear that us students shouldn’t be correcting the paper, the teacher should be. Basically saying we don’t know what we are talking about but the teacher does, but in a much nicer way. And I thought to myself, “NOOOOOO!”. Sharing my essay with my fellow classmates was, yes, a scary thought at first. But knowing that I did it anyway, and gained so much from it was such a proud moment for me to talk about with her. I explained to her that with my group that I had worked with, not only helped me see what I did wrong, but the teacher gained a lot from it too(at least I thought). It was such a good experience for all of us, that I would recommend it to any major out there, regardless if it’s a paper or not. It could be reaching for help in any subject! I talked and explained, and she basically shut up.

Now I do not mean to bad mouth her, and I actually let her proof read this because I wouldn’t want her to think that I was. And she laughed and agreed it was ok to post. Although I love this girl to death, I am going to sit back and enjoy my ice-cream next time while she does all the talking.

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