Realizing Something New

Chapter 4 of Moran’s Interdisciplinarity really opened my eyes to a new idea.  Upon reading, I discovered that we English majors do the exact same thing that other disciplines do; we tear apart other majors.  While we don’t directly say “Oh, you are a Chemistry and Biology major, how easy!”, we do tend to dislike other disciplines just because they do not appeal to us.  We tend to distinguish ourselves from these disciplines and likewise.  But in Interdisciplinarity by Moran, the idea that historians “draw on ‘soft’ sources such as literary tests, autobiographies…as well as ‘hard’ sources such as official government documents, state papers, and statistical data” (Moran, 111) as well as the way Dr. McCoy used Biology as several examples in class on Wednesday, October 29th, shows that disciplines can never fully be disconnected.  People try so hard to separate the disciplines into separate categories, when they will forever be intertextual and intertwined.  It just goes to show that we should be encouraging other majors, rather than shooting them down because we are personally not fond of them.

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