Disregarding Grammar

I recently took a civil service exam for a few different police agencies.  I studied (for countless hours) the material that was supposedly going to be on the test- grammar, sentence structure, memorization, math, etc- the usual things you would suspect to be on a test that is similar to the set up of the SAT’s.  Having studied for multiple hours a day for the test, I went in feeling pretty confident.  As I opened my test booklet to the first set of instructions, clearly written in bold letters was: Disregard grammar for the following questions.  I was shocked!  I could not believe that on a civil service exam, they instructed us to forget what we had ever learned about grammar.  I was so perplexed that it bothered me throughout the entire test, and being an English major, it was difficult to pick an answer that was not grammatically correct.  My father is part of one of the law enforcement agencies that I took the test for, and he was also shocked to discover that it said to disregard grammar.  Clearly an English major was not present when the test and instructions were being made!

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