Thanksgiving brought the usual: family, friends, food, and questions about your life from relatives you haven’t seen since the last big holiday.  I was sitting  next to my sister at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, who was talking to one of our relatives about her major.  She is majoring in Aeronautical Engineering (which no one ever knows what that is for some reason), so she loves to talk about how school is going.  As she was finishing telling our relative about school, our relative turns to me and says “And you?  You are still majoring in English because you aren’t good at Math like your sister, right?”  I was furious!  Why does majoring in English automatically mean that I am not good at math?

Hours after this conversation occurred, I was still frustrated, so I did some research on the internet, and apparently one of the stereotypes of being an English major is that you are not good at math.  It’s funny, because I used to be placed in advanced math classes, I just simply did not major in it because I wanted to pursue a major in English.  I find the stereotypes that go along with different majors to be very interesting, yet frustrating at the same time.

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