Interdisciplinary in education

I am going to school to be a teacher, both of my parents went to school to be teachers. My mom was an English concentration and taught first grade and my dad is an AIS reading teacher. My genetics line is full of different traits, but teaching English is the most prominent one.

Throughout the semester, we have discussed different ways that Interdisciplinarity fits into our everyday lives. From taking walks around campus to reading different books, we have all realized that interdisciplinary makes up the world around us.

Before discovering that I wanted to be a teacher, I made a list of pros and cons to teaching. I love working with children, but I hate writing lesson plans. I love grading papers, but I hate looking at a child that hasn’t had the subject click with them yet just seem so frustrated and exhausted. One of the best things about being a teacher, is when you see a student finally understand something and their face lights up and you feel as if you have just done the impossible.

Students use all different types of methods in order to have this light bulb go off in their heads. Teachers use different methods in order to help the students have their “I understand it” moment. All of the methods that teachers and students use, have the common goal of helping a student learn. Helping the student achieve understanding is what every teacher wants in their classrooms.

By having these methods and these people come together to create the common goal of learning, interdisciplinarity is formed in the education field. It is true, that interdisciplinary is all around us, it just takes looking more in depth to see this and to discover it.

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