It’s okay to have a bad semester

How many times have you heard that “everything is going to be okay”? I hear this on the daily from my parents, my friends, and my professors. But sometimes, everything is definitely NOT okay, and knowing this itself, makes everything okay.┬áPeople struggle all the time. Some people don’t make it through high school, and look at all of us, enrolled in one of the best schools in New York State. It’s important to know that even on your worst days, everything is going to be okay. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It is something that has been said to me since I was little by my grandmother and my mother. I have come to believe that no matter what path I go down, what I do in my life, it all happened for a reason.

This semester has been interesting for me personally. I haven’t had the best grades and have had to make some difficult phone calls to my parents. But everything happens for a reason and everything is going to be okay.┬áMy advisor-whom I strongly recommend to anyone in the education field, is one of the nicest, most caring guys I have ever met. He knows how hard I try in my classes and he knows that my grades are not where I want them to be. Every time I go into his office, he points out a card that says “RUDE AWAKENING #457. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOUR GPA WAS”. This is something that over the past couple of months has really hit hard. Your whole life, you were instructed to “get good grades so you can get into college so you can get a well-paying job”. Well, its okay if you have a bad semester. It’s okay if you have a bad year. Because no one is going to look that in depth into your transcript and think “hmm in 2016, ____ got a C- in a math course, lets not hire them” even though you are an English major.

One semester is not going to kill you, one bad grade is not going to destroy your GPA. I know that while getting these grades, it feels like the end of the world, but you have multiple courses and multiple grades adding up to make your GPA what it is. One bad grade does not matter nor does one perfect grade. Its all about staying consistent and earning the marks that you deserve, no matter if they are good, or bad. And just remembering that everything is going to be okay.


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