Procrastination Rocks

Yesterday, instead of doing homework and studying for my finals like I should have been doing, I was scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest. While I was scrolling, I came across a video called “EVERYBODY DIES, BUT NOT EVERYBODY LIVES” by Prince Ea. First off, if you have never seen this video, I highly recommend adding a tab on your computer and watching that video instead of reading this blog. And if you have seen it, watch it again, because it never gets old. That video, is one of the most inspirational videos that I have ever seen and can actually relate to. Yes Leo’s documentary on Climate Change “Before the Flood” was very inspirational but the video by Prince Ea relates to college students a lot more than Leo’s does.

I do not want to live in a world of regret. I want all of my adventures and mistakes and my friends and family and every little aspect of my life to come together to form MY life. This video helped me realize that everything happens for a reason and you control everything that happens in the life that you live. Every little decision that we have made in our lives all add up and bring us to where we are now. Every one of us made the decision to apply to this school. I’m sure that everyone got other acceptance letters, but we all chose to go here. We all signed up for this class out of all the other options and here we all are. Getting ready to finish this semester, frantically counting our blog posts and writing more, and revising our essays 12 times. Every little decision-no matter how big or small it seems in that moment, counts.

Our lives are full of so many choices and although they don’t seem that important, they really are. These choices define us. So, do you want to be someone that is on their death bed saying that the regret not doing something? Or do you want to be someone that lives in the moment and makes “a brand new ending”.

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