Individuality and Acceptance

Going back all the way to the beginning of the semester, we had watched Hannah Gatsby’s Nanette that is featured on Netflix. Hannah Gatsby is an Australian comedian and has done shows many places around the world. Her performances are comic but also her Nanette performance had a little bit of a story.

While focusing on keeping her audience engages in her performance she tries to explain her difficulty of acceptance because of her sexuality. She talks about the hardships she had went through with her family and whether people in this world would still except her as the person she had become. Image result for hannah gadsby nanetteIf you may be interested in viewing Hannah Gadsby’s show I will put the link on the bottom of the blog.

Henry David Thoreau seems to also have this struggle. During his writings and the books of his that we read in class, you can predict that Thoreau has trouble accepting himself and seems to like being independent and not really care about anyones opinion or what they have to say. He decided that it would be better for him to live abroad from others at their pond named Walden. Reading the books from Thoreau you can identify by the words he uses that he is trying to find a sense of “serenity” from where his life had taken him. You can see that in Hannah Gadsby as well. She wants people to accept her and wants to find that sort of acceptance from others and a sort of “serenity”, not only with herself but also from her peers.

Identity plays a big part in both of these relationships. Hannah Gadsby’s identity may not have been what people were thinking of her and she is okay with the identity to go by and knows that no matter what her “identity” as an individual will never change, no matter what gender she prefers. Same goes for Thoreau. He knows that his identity will never change and people will always know him and the kind of person he is, no matter where he decides to reside.

Throughout the show from Hannah Gadsby, you can find yourself thinking “I can really feel for her, what she is going through with SEXUAL identity must be very difficult.” The books of Thoreau are a little different. Even though he is not struggling with a sense of sexual identity he is struggling with a sense of personal identity. He wants to find what suits him the best and what would make his life comfortable for himself and trying to find what Is best for him as an individual. Both struggle with a sense of identity but in different ways but it really makes you feel for the characters and compare it to your life as an individual as well.




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