The Finale

Before the semester started and we were introduced to the Fluid Reader and Text class, there were many things that I was not aware of. You may ask yourself what this class has been all about, and I emphasize the word about because of one of the lectures that we had talked about during class. We had reflected on this topic and  on the notion of dreaming in relationship to the stories of the Alice books. We gathered information that stated that “a story is about something, we might either be giving an account of what happens in it or offering an interpretation of its meaning.”  We also looked into the etymology of the word “about” that suggested that “to use this word in talking about a story is to think of the story as somehow circling around the events or meanings at its core. A story has a kind of narrative through-line that its incidents, in all their detail, cluster around and elaborate.”

Throughout the Reader and Text class we had made many blogposts on word press over some of the topics that we had discussed in class. We followed a prompt made by Professor Schacht and he would also give us his best feedback on the elaboration sheet that he had sent out in Slack. The blogposts and the feedback that I had gained from Professor Schacht I know will benefit me and my writing in future classes here at Geneseo. After every blog post and reading or writing piece that we had done, we created a log that gives information on the ideas that we were looking. It was also a very nice guide to help us know if we were fully understanding what we may have been reading or writing about.

One thing that I had loved and benefitted from most, that Professor Schacht had did was most of the time we would have group conversations with three other individuals present in the class which Professor Schacht had designed for us.  These group discussions may have cleared some things up for me that I was unaware of prior to the class about a reading that we had done, or had informed me on other aspects of the reading. We got to talk to several different people in the class and introduced me to a wide rage of personalities and opinions. We all got to voice out our ideas and were able to talk about them collectively throughout the semester.

The words “fluidity, identity, readers, and text” seem to have a completely different meaning and background after going into a deep conversation on all of those terms. It has opened my eyes to the idea of other literary works and being able to identify things that may not be in plain sight. Many pieces of literature have some meanings that may not be seen by the human eye, but when you keep an open mind while reading what you are, you can find yourself identifying more than what you thought you knew.

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  1. I like the way you identified not only with readings, but with commenting on activities that we did in class that helped you improve! The idea of having an open mind so you can identify with what you are reading even if it is difficult is some times! Great job! 🙂

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