final meeting reflection

Shakira Browne

In the class I have learned that people are allowed and able to make a story. In a Christmas carol there was a part where his flashbacks added to detail in the story. I learned that there is no right way of looking at something because of the way that people were raised and their background may impact their beliefs. A fluid reader needs to have an open mind that is good at interpreting through not only the eyes of a reader but as well as the eyes of the author. When there is an issue in the Alice books sometimes becoming real isn’t always something that comes easy to Alice. For example when the red king was asleep Alice was told by the Tweedledee that she was only there because the king had a dream of her but Alice sees that her crying is actually proving that she was real. In a Christmas carol scrooge tries to interact with the people around him but since he was apart of Christmas past and future he was not able to talk to them physically but he knew that he was real.

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