In the Eye of the Beholder

Point of view is everything. Life is all about on how you view things. This is connecting to the video created by Demi Adejuyigbe.; which we worked a group discussing this. He created a series of 4 videos on September 21st.  These videos were a series dedicated to the song by Earth, Wind, and Fire song, “September”. He let’s the song play for a bit, and then enters the view of the video. He dances in each of the 4 videos he has, and he has done this skit each year on September 21st for the past 4 years. There really isn’t any difference in each video. The first video you could tell it was a random type of thing, he did plan it, so you can tell he rehearsed the video a couple times before doing it. The rest of the videos are well planned out, he started including props in the second video, and in the third and fourth (most recent video), he included, which was not just himself. In the most recent video, he got more creative. He let his audience question on if he was going to do a video this year, 2019, he did. His recent video in this series installment was like the 3 other videos he’s posted over the years on September 21st. Like Schiller stated in our group each video varies in its settings, and I built off of that and stated; each video also has a different concept. Each year, it’s like he adds a video to his mini-series, he’s continuing the show. It has a different plot, but has the same meaning.

When my group started to discuss the meaning behind all this, and the meaning about discussing these videos, if you as a person have watched these videos from Demi, then you know exactly what is going to happen when you hear the music. As I stated in our group, “It’s like watching a trailer of a movie/ tv show, or reading the back (or flap) of a book, to see if you like it, and would be interested. For example, when you go to a horror movie, you go to see the movie, expecting to see horror, you’re expecting to be scared. It’s rare that a horror movie could be funny, depending on if you are used to the horror movies, unlike myself. Like, if knows song, or even knows the movie when the suspense type music starts, you’re expecting someone to be hurt, or get killed. And same with the Earth, Wind, and Fire’s song ‘September’, if someone knows the song, they will know what will happen after the music in the beginning, depending on if it’s a remix of the song.” (Shelagh Neeley, 9/29/19) Demi’s videos are like the Christmas Hallmark movies, it’s ALWAYS the same; The same plot, the same story line, the same theme. This idea is formed from a tweet, a tweet from Joel Doubleyou, “The plot of every Hallmark movie is about a career woman who is too busy for love but she has to move to a small town where a handsome loyal bachelor teaches her about the true spirt of the holiday. It starts snowing, and they kiss. There is also a dog.” (Joel Doubleyou, Nov. 19, 2018) It’s all on how you view things, it’s the point of view. The viewing is the important thing.  Also, connecting to the pants meme. It’s all on how you view something. With the pants, you see a face, but in reality, they are actually pants. Despite the angle you view, they will still be pants. With the Hallmark Movies, you see a Christmas movie, with the similar plot, you will always know that it’s a Hallmark Christmas movie. When you see a special video on Demi Adejuyigbe’s twitter page, on September 21st, you know that he will be dancing to, or doing something similar, to the song by Earth, Fire, & Wind, “September”.  

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