Open Mindedness

Based on what I have read, done, and experienced during the first-class periods, I have been diving into epigraphs and working with my creative mind and relating these epigraphs to outside situations. These epigraphs are a short quotation or a saying at the beginning of a book or chapter, which detects its theme.

            I have chosen the epigraph of “suspicious pants”, this is because after discussing this epigraph and comparing it to other outside activities and situations I have related to it the most as well as the reading The Art of Scaring. On the first of class, we were told to sit and discuss how this epigraph came off to us and what we think when we investigate it. At first, I just saw a pair of pants and was genuinely confused but the more I talked with my classmates and looked a little harder I discovered something more and looked at the caption above the picture and understood everything about the picture. This epigraph simply demonstrates that it is difficult to dissect something without having a caption explaining what is going on. I have come across many situations along the line of struggling to identify something without the real explanation of what I am looking at or learning, and I connect this to my life deeply. It is hard to live life without “answers” or understanding. I can strongly relate this to school and when I was handed a piece of paper by a professor and told to put something down, no explanation at all. I sat there lost, unsure of what exactly I needed to put down on this paper and that is why explanations, directions or comments are a need in life.

When you think back in your life or any type of scenario you realize life would be a mess without some sort of explanation. How to brush your teeth, how to drive a car, how to apply for a job and so much more. Pretty much everything we do in this world needs to be taught or communicated. After hearing my classmates communicate what they thought the picture of the pair of pants was and then seeing the caption “Suspicious pants” it all added up to us. This is prime definition that we need writing to understand what is happening in any situation. The human brain is powerful, it will see what is wants to see and work how it wants to work. True strength of mind comes from a combination of things, from awareness, focus as well as resiliency. A simple caption can change the perspective of anything and that is why I find it so important. Something I have noticed in this world on social media is funny pictures with the caption “When you see it, comment”, everything is based off vision and then digging in and recognizing what is truly happening in the picture or text. Without the true understanding of certain things assumptions are made which can lead to certain issues, this is where I connect with this epigraph from outside situations because when you hear about arguments a lot of them are started from assumptions, what they SAW. These life issues are solved most of the time by communicating which is why words and explanation is key to live an easier and healthier life.  This epigraph has made me see things on a different level and helped opened my mind for the better.

I can proudly say this epigraph has made me see things on a different level and opened my mind up in many ways. It has made me understand how hard it is to dive into something without instruction or some sort of caption explaining what is going on or what needs to be addressed. I myself have run into many issues where I have seen certain things and did not notice the main issue until someone points it out to me, this is where the mind decided to think what it wants and witness what it wants. This epigraph simply explained that on a deeper level.

In this class I hope to benefit from a ton, from being able to open my mind on different levels and use my ever-growing thinkING skills to become a better writer and individual. I am ecstatic to see how well I can apply my thinking to readings and take in new material at the same time, I am also hoping I become more comfortable with reading and knowing it is okay to not understand what is being addressed but to do all you can as a human being to discover those difficulties.

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