Toomer and Myself: a Similarity

The United States is made up of many different people. No two people are exactly the same-not even twins. These differences is what makes the United States such a special place to live in. People live in different areas, they celebrate different holidays, they are different races. All of these different people come together and make the United States what it needs to be-a melting pot. We praise peoples differences and make people proud of who they are and where they come from.

When Toomer did not identify as black or as white, he was no longer celebrating who he was or where he came from. Some people could interpret it as if he was embarrassed of his past and did not want people to know anything about him. He thought that by doing this, he was removing himself from the chaos. Instead, he was creating more.

If someone did that today, they would be frowned upon. The United States is such a wonderful place to live in and for Toomer to be born in Washington D.C where the president lives, and not want to celebrate his race is shocking. So many people come to the United States to be free and start a new life-Toomer was destroying his on accident.

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