A New Beginning

High school graduation is the epitome of life. It can be an accomplishment signaling adulthood. It can also mean the end of mandatory classes that we didn’t want and a start of sleeping in or starting to work. On the other hand, college is often thought of a new beginning to help start a career and assist us in finding ourselves (while also being in thousands of dollars in debt). All in all, it is the first time that as young adults we get to choose to further our education and decide that we want to go to school. We are not pressured into waking up at 5 am to get to school at 6 am or 7 am. We are finally given a choice.

Throughout my education school was something that I dreaded waking up for. Now that it is my choice I still do just not as much. Tuition is not cheap so ‘i have to deal with it’ until I get stuck in a job that I worked hard to get to. Is there a point to this? I wonder every time I wake up to go to class. “It will work out in the end,” I tell myself.

I found myself taking this reader and text class without having a clue what I would be doing in the future. To be honest, I still don’t know what lies ahead. But there’s a reason why I decided to change my major last minute, and why I am taking this class. Is this foreshadowing like how Pentheus’s fate was very early on in Bacchae? The scene when Tiresias warns Pentheus not to offend the gods, or he will suffer the same fate as Actaeon,” whom the carnivorous hounds he reared tore apart when he boasted that he was better at hunting than Artemis.”

If you’re wondering ‘why am I writing about this’? Well, the reason is that you are reading this. We chose a path to further our education. That is why you are reading this blog post right now. Whether you’re a student or professor, this is the path we decided to take. There were many other choices that we could have made but we chose this.

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