After looking back at the course epigraphs, we looked at in class on the first day, I found myself keep going back to the suspicious pants. The pants just caught my attention, I was kind of confused on why we were talking about pants on the first day of classes, but I didn’t worry about that. I soon realized that the pants just have so many meanings to them, there is not one specific meaning because it’s how you look at them and how you intercept the meaning. The pants make me think of all different ways that they could be suspicious, for example at first, I interpreted them as being suspicious of the reader. I know in class when we were going over the different interpretations someone said something the pants looks like they have a mouth and the belt loops are the mouth being sewed shut. There are just so many interpretations and so many ways to see one thing. When I start to look at the tweet more it’s starting to become eye opening. I start to realize certain details that might not have been noticeable at first or might not even have any meaning towards anything. I began to notice little things like the time and date of the tweet or even the account name which is @_youhadonejob1. That put things in a different perspective and starts to make me wonder, what the “one job” was that these pants didn’t do. Or even the job the pants did do. 

Even though we all interpret things differently and have a different understanding of what’s going on in certain things like what we are reading it all comes together. The interpretation of something is really how we start to learn it. according to David Brock’s blog, he says “we may be looking at the same picture, but we see different things and we see things differently”. Just like the pants, everyone interprets things differently.

Knowing that there are many things interpreted differently I thought this ENGL 203 class was going to be difficult because I might have a different interpretation or understanding others in the class. When weeks started going by and we keep going through classes I was reassured by Professor McCoy that no interpretation is wrong. Everyone is going to have a different way of looking at something and learning things. Which means that everyone is going to have many amazing ideas or points of views on what we are discussing in class. Using everyone’s ideas in our small discussion groups helped make the topic we were talking about clearer. Having all different opinions helps in the group environment since it helps better understand the information as class goes by. 

In this class we have had so many discussions, during these discussions I get to hear all the different interpretations or even opinions of different things. Similar to the pants, there was one day we were talking about pronunciation, of the word “elementary”. Just like everyone has their own interpretation of the pants, we all had our own ways of saying “elementary” whether it be “el-luh-men-tr-ee” or “el-luh-men-tree”. Or even when we went around the room to see who says “pop” and who says “soda”. There is no right or wrong answer, it just depends on the person and how they interpret it. Going along with the class I know there really never is a wrong meaning or pronunciation. These came up again when we started reading The Bacchae, when there were all the different names and since no one in the class was around to hear the correct pronunciation we just have to go by what we think it is, there is no right or wrong. Just giving it a try is really all that matters because there are so many different views.Figuring all of this out I come back to where I didn’t realize why exactly on the first day of classes, we were talking about these pants that were suspicious in some way. I have realized that since everything happens for a reason, Professor McCoy had her reason. With the pants still in mind I have learned that all interpretations are right and how there are many ways to pronounce a word. There is not a right or wrong in your opinion and everything is interpreted differently.

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